Preview – Eternal Journey: New Atlantis (Collector’s Edition)

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Game Category: Casual – Adventure, Hidden Object, Puzzle, Science Fiction
Developer / Distributor: Alawar Five BN / Alawar Entertainment
Release Date: End July 2012
Rating: ESRB – Not Rated

Eternal Journey: New Atlantis is an upcoming casual adventure game that will take you on an incredible journey underwater and then into outer space.

I was totally blown away by the stunning visuals and excellent production values by this game from Alawar Five BN. The plot takes place off the islands of Madeira, then zooms off to Mars and beyond.

Alawar Five BN is raising the bar for casual games

If you are the kind of person who may be hesitant about playing science fiction games, then I suggest you seriously reconsider. This game plays more like an adventure game that has you exploring the unknown. Employing a trick quite similar to the one seen in Natural Threat: Ominous Shores (another great game from Alawar Entertainment) you’ll find yourself exploring fantastic locations that are inexplicably linked to the fabled civilization of Atlantis.

What secrets lie behind this door?

Eternal Journey: New Atlantis has you taking on the role of Ms. Amrite Stone, an archaeologist who awakes from cryogenic induced sleep after a most unfortunate accident only to find herself in an even worse situation. Separated from her boyfriend Michael and finding herself at a deserted Martian scientific installation, Ms. Stone must explore the silent hallways to figure our what has happened to the missing scientists.

Hello… anybody home?

Relying on numerous journal entries, more than 24 cinematic video clips, and the stuff you discover during your adventure, you must piece together the mystery that surrounds the disappearance of everyone at the installation. You will also have the chance at romping through 13 hidden object scenes and playing with up to 35 mini-games along the way.

Where shall I go next?

There are at least 100 different locations in Eternal Journey: New Atlantis, but be assured that the game’s mapping system will help to take the tedium out of aimless wandering that you may find in traditional adventure games.

If you don’t like to go at an adventure all by yourself, then you’ll be glad to know that Marcy will be waiting for you. She’s a dear lonely cat who will accompany you after your first hour into the game.

Here kitty, kitty…

The ending will be quite a nice surprise as Ms. Stone finally uncovers that something out of this world is indeed plaguing the scientific installation. She’ll need all her wits and courage to end the plague. More amazing perhaps is that the solution to her problems lies in an ancient relic that, as impossible as it may seem, was last seen in the Atlantic Ocean more than 150 years ago.

The Collector’s Edition will have a bonus chapter that tells the story from the point of view of Ms. Stone’s boyfriend – now, that should be really cool. Don’t forget the other goodies like concept artwork, desktop wallpapers, and a complete walkthrough of the game.

A puzzle based on microchips

That about wraps it up for the preview for Eternal Journey: New Atlantis. Do keep a lookout for this truly handsome looking adventure game; it will be released towards the end of July 2012 over at Alawar Entertainment.

In the meantime, here is one final screenshot of a hidden object scene in action from Eternal Journey: New Atlantis.

The Hidden Object scenes seem to be more challenging than usual

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