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After close to three months of hectic game development, we here at GamesWarp have finally completed our new game. Residing solely on Facebook (at the moment), Pachinko Parlor has been quite a huge undertaking by us. If you are not familiar with the name Pachinko, then allow us to explain.


Vintage Villa

Pachinko is a game that originated in Japan; millions of Japanese have flocked to Pachinko Parlors for many years now, enjoying themselves as they release little balls into these addictive casino-like machines. Balls are shot upwards into the machine by having the player adjust a knob; this incidentally controls the power of the shot. As gravity pulls the balls down through an obstacle of metal pins, the players hopes that some of these will fall into bonus traps which will then lead to a small win of more Pachinko balls in his winning tray. In more modern machines, balls will even set off Jackpot devices embedded into the Pachinko machines!


The Lobby

As you can see from the screenshots, our game – Pachinko Parlor is a simulator which aims to provide to the player a large selection of machines to choose from.

There are three virtual “currencies” in the game, GW (or GamesWarp) coins, Pachinko Balls, and Experience Points. Coins can be used for all our future games developed by us, or for exchanging for more Pachinko Balls (at a 1 is to 4 ratio). Balls are what you use to play the game with, and for every ball shot into the machine, you will earn one Experience Point. Every 2000 Experience Points will unlock the next Pachinko Machine. If you don’t wish to wait and want to unlock a machine that you fancy, you can always make a purchase via the Facebook Credits system.


For the win…

Once you start the game, there is a small help window that tell you how to play the game. The game is designed for casual player, and require that you use the left/right mouse buttons (or arrow keys) to control the power of your shot. One thing you have no control over is that Pachinko balls will be shot at a one second interval. Tweak the power of your shot and try to get a ball into one of five bonus traps. If this happens, you win 5 Pachinko balls and the flippers open up to make it easier for you to catch more balls. If you manage to open all five bonus traps at the same time, you net for yourself a huge bonus of 100 Pachinko balls! It’s not going to be easy though since the flippers will close after a random number of balls have entered a particular bonus trap.

Every entry of a ball into the bonus trap also sets off the Jackpot. Jackpots will win you coins – from 10 to 1000 coins. Check out the Pay Table to see which jackpot icon you should be rooting for.


Lion King

You will also find Spinners in all Pachinko machines. These attractive little gadgets add some pleasing eye candy to all the frantic action, and also makes the game more that is based on chance rather than on skill. But then, Pachinko experts beg to differ, as there is actually some skill involved, that is if you can find it for each machine. Not forgetting, you can nudge all you want in Pachinko Parlor – just press the “,” and “.” keys on your keyboard to nudge left or right.

Finally, we must not forget the “Collectibles”. These red icons that appear randomly all over the machine, throw a little chaos into the gameplay. There are beneficial collectibles like multi-ball as well as nasty collectibles you should avoid at all costs. There are also some interesting effects like the “upside down apple” that turns on anti-gravity for a short few seconds. We will not give you a full list of what each Collectible does, you will have to find that out for yourself.


Look… a Collectible right under the nose!

So what are you waiting for, give Pachinko Parlor a spin today!

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