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No, this is not a game about punctuation; Hyphen is for those who love action games on the PC that will test your dexterity to the limit. Developed by FarSpace Studios, Hyphen is a neon shaded game with ultra-difficult mazes that is sure to please fans of Kururin games. But wait, what exactly is a Kururin game?


The origins of Kururin games probably hails from childhood science classes, where you might have had the chance to try the fun activity of guiding a metal ring through a wire obstacle maze. Touching the ring against the wire causes a buzzer to ring and that meant “Game Over” for you.

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Neon appeal!

The Japanese changed the gameplay concept slightly when they aired it on TV as a segment of a popular game show; this time round, the player had to guide a stick through a maze of wires, with the wires defining a twisty path you had to take. In 1997, we got the Nintendo game, Ucchannanchan no Honō no Challenger: Denryū Iraira Bō (The Irritating Maze) based off the TV show game, and this was followed by Dengeki Iraira Bou Returns (The Irritating Stick) in 1999.

To increase the challenge (as if its predecessors were not tough enough), someone decided that the player should take control of a whirling stick. And so the Kururin series was born. With three titles making up the series – Kuru Kuru Kururin, Kururin Paradise, and Kururin Squash! – these games are much sought after imported Japanese console titles today. Unfortunately there has been a lack of such games for the PC, with Flash versions like Twiddlestix keeping the Kururin spirit alive. That is, until Hyphen came along.

Here’s more information about Hyphen from FarSpace Studios:

What is Hyphen?

Hyphen is a must have addition to any puzzle/action game lover’s collection. Navigate a rotating stick through intricate and fiendish neon mazes while trying to avoid the walls and obstacles. Although it sounds extremely simple, it’s fun and infuriatingly challenging at the same time. Coupled with an awesome soundtrack and gorgeous glowing visuals this game will blow your mind in more ways than one.

The expected release date is late September/early October for the Windows version, other platforms will require more time as we need to get funds for licenses. This could be sped up if you kindly Pre order the Windows version however.

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Dash (pun intended) for it!

Upon release the full game will have:

  • 36 challenging levels
  • Full original soundtrack composed by Andrew Lloyd
  • Unlockable bonus mini games
  • Keyboard and Gamepad support

Hyphen will be initially available on Windows PC. We are also going to be porting Hyphen to Xbox 360, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS and Android as soon as we can.


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