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The recent lineup of insanely difficult platformers including Cloudberry Kingdom, N 2.0, Super Meat Boy, VVVVVV and the older I Wanna be the Guy, proves there is a class of masochistic players who will do anything to get their hand on the latest challenge. We are guessing here that some of these guys probably sustained themselves on Megaman, Castlevania, and Ghosts ‘n Goblins back before the turn of the century.


Well, you’re in luck guys, for coming this 26th November will be Mr. Bree+ from TawStudio Entertainment. Based in¬†Pindamonhangaba – Brazil, this indie developer have taken their original web game, Mr. Bree – Returning Home and added a whole lot more content. Well, we’re probably jumping the gun… As always, let’s start off the preview with a video featuring gameplay from Mr. Bree+. You can then judge for yourself how hardcore this game is.

Mr. Bree+ tells the story of a family pig who has been captured by a boar in service to a mysterious villain and sent to work as a captive, that is until the day he ran away. During his escape, Mr. Bree fell and suffered a spot of amnesia – he then forgets about his family, the way home and also his platforming abilities. So it’s up to you to guide Mr. Bree home safely.

The game comes with the following features:

  • 45 Story levels – relive the story of Mr. Bree’s escape
  • 15 Secret levels – unveiling the dark past of Mr. Bree
  • Harder game modes for the hardcore player
  • A rip-roaring original soundtrack
  • Challenging boss battles
  • Over forty achievements
  • Available in 6 languages

Any wrecking balls here?

We have played the preview version of Mr. Bree+ for quite a bit now and are thrilled to say that the PC version lives up to and totally surpasses the web version of Mr. Bree – Returning Home. There’s a whole lot more surprises in this latest incarnation, so you won’t miss out if you have already completed the earlier game. You’ll surely enjoy collecting all the Bad Memory puzzle pieces so you can play the secret levels.

Mr. Bree+ was well worth our time, so quit hamming it up and seriously think about placing a pre-order of the game today.

PS РNot forgetting the Mr. Bree+ Greenlight page; show your support there too.


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