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Iceberg Interactive signs strategic shipbuilding game Starship Corporation

Screenshots show first glimpses of Coronado Games debut title

Haarlem, the Netherlands – 30 April 2014 – Publisher Iceberg Interactive, destination publisher for sci-fi themed PC games, is proud to announce the signing of Starship Corporation. In development at German developer Coronado Games, Starship Corporation was Green-lit by the Steam community and is now ramping up for a Steam Early Access launch in autumn 2014.

“I am very happy to announce our partnership with Iceberg Interactive for the marketing and publishing of Starship Corporation”, says David Murent, CEO and founder of Coronado Games. “I believe their experience, especially with great space strategy titles, will be a huge boost to the final quality of the game. Their marketing and localization expertise will encourage many more players to take part in the game experience, creating even more game content and more fun for everyone!”

Fascinated by science fiction worlds, David set out to create a game where the player is able to design an entire spaceship, with the level editor as an important part of the game. In Starship Corporation the player is in control of every part of ship creation, with up to 5 decks and over 50 different rooms.

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About Starship Corporation

Starship Corporation is a real-time strategy game that contains 4 elements: Ship Design – Crew and AI Tactics – Ship Building – and Trade. The player is able to create the layout for Spaceships and Planetary Installations with multiple decks within the boundaries of existing fuselages. The player can choose between (currently) 50 Room types in 6 categories. A completed design can then be challenged by playing a series of missions to test the crew´s reaction to emergencies and the ships combat capabilities. The success of these missions determines the ship’s rating, important for a good price on the market or the ship’s performance in your own fleet.

Game Features

  • SHIP DESIGN – The player is able to create the layout for Spaceships and Planetary Installations with multiple decks within the boundaries of existing fuselages.
  • CREW MANAGEMENT – Hire the best pilots, technicians, soldiers and medics to run your ships, train them and the ships A.I. for maximum performance during standard operation, emergencies or hostile encounters.
  • SHIPYARDS – Build your designs for your own fleet or for a number of clients with different requirements.
  • TRADE – Buy or sell used (or captured) ships, set up trade routes or arm warring parties.
  • CONFLICT – Use any means to become a powerful intergalactic corporation.

About Coronado Games

Coronado Games ( is a small independent game development company based in Berlin, Germany. Founder David Murent started working on his first title “Starship Corporation” back in 2012. The game turned out to be a crowd funding success on Indiegogo and later on Steam’s Project Greenlight. Currently Coronado Games is a three man team, dedicated to taking space strategy gaming for PC to a whole new level.