Snail Crusher

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Snail Crusher On iOS & Android Offers A Slugfest Of Fun To Gamers Of All Experience Levels

Collect Treasure Chests & Avoid Getting Slimed!

App Store Icon - Snail Crusher (iOS & Android)San Francisco, May 5th 2014: Independent games developer and publisher games2be is proud to announce the worldwide release of Snail Crusher to the iOS and Google Play digital app stores! Available as a FREE download beginning today, this cute and compelling arcade game challenges its players to collect treasure chests from a garden infested with slimy snails!

Snail Crusher offers a highly additive gaming experience. Featuring intuitive and polished tilt-controls, your objective is to collect as many treasure chests as possible, without colliding with the increasing number of snails infesting an otherwise beautiful garden! To aid you on your quest, and to prevent the population of snails from growing out of control, you can eat mushrooms that randomly appear. When a mushroom is consumed your character grows into a massive blob of destruction, a perfect tool to destroy as many snails as possible! But you must hurry as your enlarged size only lasts for a brief period of time. How much treasure can you collect, and how high of a ranking can you achieve?

Snail Crusher is available as a FREE download from here: