Country Living

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Country Living By Difference Games Offers Wonderful Pastoral Landscapes For Casual Players To Explore

20 Scenes Of Idyllic Sights & Hidden Objects By Acclaimed Artist Phatpuppy

App Store Icon - Country LivingSan Francisco, California, May 16th 2014: Independent games developer and publisher Difference Games is proud to announce the worldwide release of Android-based Country Living, the latest addition to the publishers growing catalogue of popular Hidden Object games.

Available from the Google Play, Amazon and Nook digital app stores, Country Living features beautifully rendered pastoral landscapes as imagined by acclaimed book cover artist, Phatpuppy. With its 20 beautiful scenes full of idyllic sights and artfully Hidden Objects, players have a great opportunity to get out of the big city and experience some country living!

Featuring 3 unique modes of play, Normal, Casual, and Challenge mode, players have plenty of options to select from. Normal mode introduces limited time, limited hints, and exciting bonus rounds. Casual mode has no time limit, unlimited hints, and no bonus rounds, while Challenge mode has rotated items, missing letters, and double score bonuses.

Players can discover Hidden Objects by way of Picture, Word, Silhouette, and Random. The Picture option is a great introductory mode well-suited for younger players. The Word option is really useful if your child is just learning how to read, and a slight step up in difficulty compared to the Picture option. And finally, the Silhouette option is the trickiest way to play, and not without unexpected surprises. Hints are always available as a last resort to players getting stuck. The new Random option combines all previous options for an extra challenge!

With its great story, compelling gameplay, and a wealth of customizable settings, Country Living is the perfect download to casual gamers with an interest and passion for the genre.

Country Living is available for download from here: