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Have you met Ungh? Daedalic Entertainment presents protagonist of FIRE

Hamburg, June 12th, 2014. This autumn, FIRE, the upcoming game from Daedalic Entertainment, will proof, that adventures can work very well without spoken words. Those who still need a little inspiration can [scroll down to the Gallery below to] check out the new GIFs of Ungh – FIRE’s slightly clumsy, yet very expressive hero.


FIRE, the new adventure by Daedalic Entertainment is set in the cutest Stone Age setting you’ve ever seen. Ungh, FIRE’s adorably-naive protagonist, was supposed to watch over his tribe’s fireplace during the night. But being a slightly clumsy Neanderthal, Ungh fell asleep and let the fire go out.

Now it is Ungh’s task to acquire a new fire for his tribe. He is sent on a long and exciting journey which will take him through a unique Stone Age world, full of yet unseen, quirky creatures and gripping puzzles. On his journey, Ungh will ride on dinosaurs and might even find his true love.

To accomplish Ungh’s Quest, the player has not only to interact with him but also with the environment and blaze their way through a world of dynamic puzzles and cute animations. FIRE’s puzzles are very intuitive and work through easy-tolearn 1Click-Controls without much dialogue – after all Ungh is just an adorable little Neanderthal, who can’t pronounce much more than his own name.

FIRE is scheduled for release in Q4 2014 for PC and Mac.


  • Unique Stone-Age setting full of quirky creatures
  • More than 30 hand-drawn backgrounds
  • Crazily-cute slapstick humor
  • Easy-to-learn 1Click-controls
  • Intuitive puzzle-design

About Daedalic Entertainment

Daedalic Entertainment is a Hamburg-based indie-studio that develops and publishes high-quality games worldwide, focusing on the projects with strong narratives. Over the last few years, Daedalic has collected 21 German Game Developer Awards (including “Studio of the Year 2009, 2013”), five German Computer Game Awards (incl. “Best Game 2011”), and more.