Bone Gulch


Western-Themed Sandbox MMO Bone Gulch For PC Kicks Off Crowdfunding Campaign

There Is A New Sherriff Coming To Town!

San Francisco, California, June 24th 2014: Independent games developer Nesoi Tech is proud to announce the kickoff of a crowdfunding campaign via KickStarter to secure funds to complete the development and forthcoming release of their ambitious and innovative Western-Themed Sandbox MMO, Bone Gulch.

Can you imagine a life in the good old west? Would you be a sheriff? Or an outlaw? A farmer? Or perhaps even a gold miner? Bone Gulch is currently in development for the PC, Mac, and Linux, and is scheduled for a worldwide release in the fall of 2015. The game will include immersive single-player story-based campaigns and compelling Co-Op play, in addition to local and online multi-player action.

In Bone Gulch, your destiny is determined by your actions within the game. Featuring an advanced crafting-system, a unique bounty system, a 1 vs 1 combat system, and extensive player customization with plenty of weapons, upgrades and accessories, get ready for some gun-slinging fun!

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