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Hyphen By FarSpace Studios Is A Devilishly Hard & Ultra-Cool Arcade And Puzzle Game Experience For The PC

Dim The Lights & Pump Up The Volume!

Manchester, United Kingdom, July 3rd 2014: Independent games developer and publisher FarSpace Studios is proud to announce the worldwide release of Hyphen, now available for purchase at all major gaming portals such as itch.io, Humble Store, GetGames, Greenman Gaming, and Desura.

Hyphen is a slick and ultra-cool arcade and puzzle game, in which you are challenged to navigate a constantly rotating stick through intricate and fiendish neon mazes, while trying to avoid its walls and obstacles. Although it sounds easy, it is an incredibly fun and infuriatingly addictive experience. The quicker you traverse the levels, the better completion time and overall ranking you will achieve. With its awesome TRON inspired graphics, polished gameplay, 36 levels, 2 unlockable bonus mini-games, and an original soundtrack composed by Andrew Lloyd (www.andrewlloydgd.com), Hyphen is an action-packed download not to be missed! Check it out today!

Steam Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=214859985