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Slinki On PC Challenges You To Take Control Of A Blade-Wielding Bunny Through Dangerous Enemy Infested Woods!

Innovative PC Platform Game Seeking Votes Via Steam Greenlight

San Francisco, California, July 2nd 2014: Developed in a collaboration between indie game developers The Game Wall & Titan Forged Games, Slinki is an innovative PC platform game currently gathering votes to secure its forthcoming release on the Steam Greenlight games portal.

Featuring the charming and hilariously cute character Slinki, a bunny rabbit whose home has fallen in calamity, it is your task to enter the sickened heart of his once peaceful woods to end its suffering by slicing and dicing enemies and obstacles using a handy bladed metal appendage that has replaced what used to be his arm! With its gorgeous and surreal challenging environments (11 in total), and an old-school vibe to boot, coupled with immersive fighting action, you must battle forest critters and complete the levels to restore order to the dangerous woods once again. And if you get stuck, Slinki can be thrust into the air by use of his incredible blade, reaching otherwise unreachable areas and objects. The better you perform and the farther you progress, the higher points you score. Are you up for the challenge?

Slinki on Steam Greenlight: