Crossword Combat


Battle the World Real-Time in Action-Packed Crossword Combat

The Classic Word Game Reinvented with Compelling Features & Gameplay

Bellevue, Wash.—July 7, 2014–Independent games developer Blue Fondue is proud to announce the worldwide release of Crossword Combat, a revolutionary new browser-based version of the classic word game just released as a free to play online experience. Crossword Combat ( challenges its players to compete in quick, ever-changing, real-time matches in the ultimate battle of wits!

Introducing compelling new features unique to the genre, Crossword Combat focuses on real-time immersive fun. Players must fill in the randomly generated grid by entering words that include a series of required letters, while unlocking and collecting as many bonus letters as possible before time runs out. Clever wordsmiths will avoid words that contain penalty letters, as those will cut into overall score. Hints are available, but only one per match, and should thus be used sparingly. Stats and ranks are posted for a brief period of time between matches, allowing players to compare their performance against other opponents around the world. All points accrued are directly applied to earning additional hints; so by scoring big and by conserving hints, the chances of winning are increased!

Crossword Combat features addictive online multiplayer gameplay in invigorating two-minute matches. With its intuitive controls, unique features, advanced scoring breakdown, worldwide rankings, and 5 levels of difficulty to accommodate all skill and experience levels, it’s you against the world in this FREE intellectual stimulation. Built for the future with HTML5, Crossword Combat will soon be released on the popular MSN Games portal.