Mogs By Ironsun Studios Is A PC-Based Interactive Creature Simulator Stuffed Full Of Freewheeling Foolery!

Irresistibly Charming & Yours To Adopt!

San Francisco, July 9th 2014: Independent games developer and publisher Ironsun Studios is proud to announce the kickoff of a crowdfunding campaign to secure funds to complete the development of Mogs, an innovative and highly addictive interactive creature simulator offering the very best of casual fun. Having just published and released to critical acclaim its action-blaster Ironball 2: Ironstorm, the developer is with Mogs introducing an inspiringly fresh gameplay genre by combining the very best of humorous storytelling, harvesting, micro-management, competitions, mini-games and even RPG elements!

The objective of the game is to raise your very own Mogs creatures with essences harvested from plants in your island garden. Mogs can be trained in the games arena, and by winning turn-based tournaments, you earn precious gold that you will need to glorify your Mogs and their wonderful homes. Mogs can even be purchased that has the ability to master different types of skills, and faster, than the common basic breeds.

Harvesting gold is an essential ingredient to the game. It is required not only to kit out the games islands with interactive props for the Mogs to play on, but also needed to obtain cool add-ons and other enhancements. Alchemy is another brilliant feature; you can buy plants to mix and match recipes in the cauldron to create potions to morph your personalized Mogs into magical creatures, or at least something vaguely scary in a cute and cuddly way! In the games turn-based battle arena, Mogs are pitted against each other in the ultimate contest of wits. Powerful enchanted weapons, sparkling spells, and even wands can be unlocked by beating your opponent in the Warrior, Wizard and Sprinting tournaments. With your winnings you can buy exotic tame creatures and take pleasure in watching your cool Mogs go for a ride or even take to the sky to discover and play the many hidden mini-games scattered throughout the islands.

Featuring fun, charming, and irresistibly cute characters, great graphics, hilarious gameplay, and endless hours of entertainment, Mogs is suitable to players of all ages and experience levels.

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About Ironsun Studios

Based in the United Kingdom, Ironsun Studios is an independent games developer and publisher specializing in cutting-edge, fun, and approachable games for the PC, mobile, console and the internet. Committed to building high-quality content using the latest cutting-edge technologies, the studio has released eight games during the past four years, of which the critically acclaimed Ionball 2: Ionstorm for the PC is the most recent.