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Road Racer Coming Soon To iOS & Android By Blue River Arts Is A Groundbreaking Physics-Based Hill Climber

Action-Packed Mobile Game Packed Full Of Features!

Surrey, Canada, July 23rd 2014: Independent games developer and publisher Blue River Arts is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Road Racer, currently in development for iOS and Android compatible mobile devices. Scheduled for a worldwide release by the end of 2014, Road Racer is an innovative and groundbreaking physics-based hill climber featuring immersive action and compelling gameplay. Packed full of features and humorous entertainment, the game offers incredible attention to detail in its vehicles, environments, and player customization.

Road Racer is set to revolutionize the concept of infinite gameplay by taking the genre to a new level. Being the first of its kind, seed generated maps in the game will offer endless combinations and opens up the possibility of sharing with, and challenging, friends and family. Featuring stunningly beautiful 3D-graphics and two unique gameplay modes, Campaign mode and World Tour mode, Road Racer caters to individual choice of play. With its real-time dynamic road- and environment-generation, every gameplay session is unique, and no two games will ever be the same.

In addition, the game offers a lot more: 24 playable vehicles will be available offering endless possibilities for upgrades and enhancements, visually and mechanically. An impressive monetization system is also in development, where in-game upgrades and add-ons are possible thru use of coins collected by the player. An impressive day and night cycle offers spectacular views with intricate and impressive attention to detail, and the games realistic weather conditions rendered in amazing detail, density and complexity is guaranteed to impress.

Great games offers cool upgrades, and Road Racer is no exception. Upgrades such as decals, spoilers, antennas, and tire chains are just the beginning, and some upgrades will enhance and improve the overall driving performance depending on the environment. Road Racer offers the most advanced component upgrade system of any game in the genre. Almost everything is available for upgrades, such as the engine, brakes, chassis, suspension, lights, fuel tank capacity, and tires. Turbo is a cool fun factor, as well, and all upgrades affect overall vehicle endurance. Finally, cross-platform worldwide Leaderboards and High-Score tables offers to the best of players the ultimate bragging rights!


About Blue River Arts

Founded in Prague (Czech Republic) by passionate indie developers Daniel Morkos and Maurizio Margiotta, Blue River Arts is a small team of dedicated individuals committed to building great games across multiple platforms. We are a young team and like to think of ourselves as not just a game development studio, but also as a think-tank inspiration factory. Our mission objective is to become a pioneering and market-leading game developer across Europe.