Shadow Fight 2


Nekki’s No.1 iOS game Shadow Fight 2 out now on Google Play!

The free-2-play game Shadow Fight 2 has already conquered #1-position in the iPad-charts of more than 25 countries including Japan, USA and South Korea since its initial launch in May 2014. Now Android players from all over the world are able to pick up the gauntlet on Google Play, too!

The brand-new mix of RPG and fighting game sends you on a staggering journey through hell: In Shadow Fight 2 you must equip your hero with countless destructive weapon and armor sets, slay hordes of enemies and finally challenge six mighty demon-bosses. With Shadow Fight 2, renowned mobile game developer Nekki sticks true to its roots and pays homage to the golden era of beat-’em-up blockbusters such as Tekken or Street Fighter – while offering 2014’s state-of-the-art battle-animations and a unique storyline!

Shadow Fight 2’s intuitive and addictive gameplay of was specifically built for mobile touch-screen devices and combines the simplicity and mass-appeal of today’s casual games with the game depth of hardcore arcade fighting. By using a virtual joypad on the screen the player kicks, punches, jumps, throws and unleashes combos with astonishingly high precision.

During his exhausting journey through the sinister animated far eastern landscapes, the unnamed hero must defeat overall six epic demon bosses. Chapter by chapter he slowly progresses towards the great showdown, accumulates stronger armory and weaponry, amasses riches – and also masters the sinister art of battle magic!

Since today Shadow Fight 2 is globally available in all Google Play stores. The game supports a total of 15 languages and runs on a broad selection of current mobile devices (Android 3.0 or higher). The download as well as the game content is free for all players. Fans who are longing for a faster progress or special powers are able to purchase gems (the virtual currency used in Shadow Fight 2) inside the game.

Key Features

  • 100% free-2-play fun with optional in-app-purchases
  • Experience the breathtaking mix of fighting- and RPG-elements
  • Intuitive and addictive gameplay built specifically for touch-screen devices
  • Be unique: Collect sets of armors and weapons with thousands of possible combinations
  • Level up and customize your fighter’s skill tree

Free future updates will deliver additional bosses and chapters, new sets of unique armor, more weapons, international leaderboards and awesome new modes such as competitive PVP!

The battle has just begun…

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About Nekki

Founded in 2002, Nekki initially built their reputation on engaging browser game titles with deep communities of fiercely loyal players. In 2008, the browser game took 2nd prize for “Best online-game” at Moscow’s famed KRI gaming conference. In 2011 Nekki’s popular football manager 11× became elected Europe’s “Browser Game of the Year”. Since 2010 the team at Nekki set their sights on designing games for social networks with a focus on under explored genres and innovative game play. Today Nekki has titles on some of the world’s most successful social networks, including Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, and Google+. Nekki’s Parkour action game Vector has become a hit title on iOS, Android and Facebook in 2012/13 with 2 Million Likes and far over 50 Million downloads!