Minimalistic wins! Developer / Publisher: Simon Ducroquet Release Date: 25 April 2014


Looking for a game that has the simplest of rules but is challenging to master? Well, here is something very different from your Flappy Bird and 2048 clones.

Developed by Simon Ducroquet, a graphic designer hailing from Brazil, Bamba is simply lovely to look at and real easy to pick up.

What you Get

Imagine a guy on a unicycle that will respond to your touch. Check. Throw in 25 unique levels that you must get him to cycle across. Check. Simple gameplay – a simple tap gets the unicycle to toggle between moving forwards or backwards. Check.

It is however not the quirky rider and his shiny unicycle that you should be focusing on. The star of Bamba are the obstacle levels rendered in glorious 3D. Take a look at the screenshots and video gameplay and you will see what we mean.

Our Opinions

We were truly impressed by the creativity found in the level designs, and they are genuinely mind boggling at the same time too. Perhaps a bit too tough at times.

Give Bamba a try today, available on the App Store and Google Play.


The Verdict


The Good: Simple to pick up and play | Ingenious level designs | Lovely 3D eye candy

The Bad: Can be jaw numbingly difficult later on

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