Football Run

Football Run

Fastest Football Run ever
Publisher: GameOn GmBH
Release Date: 24 June 2014

androidWe chanced upon Football Run recently on the Google Play store and feel that this game makes for a good companion to those ardently following the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. This game is an infinite runner with a soccer theme which you can play during World Cup half-times.

Try it today by following the link below:

About Football Run

In Football Run you choose a team to play with and control one football player as it runs on the field with the goal of avoiding opponents. The longer you run, the higher your score will be but make no mistake as the game ends abruptly if you touch an opponent. Football Run is the fastest infinite runner on the market and that’s why is incredibly addictive.

Here’s some of the features that differentiate Football Run from its competitors:

  • Pixel-art graphics appealing for nostalgic gamers that grew with games such as Super Mario
  • 32 teams in 8 groups that you can choose to play with. Now is your chance to defend England or Italy’s honor and advance past the World Cup 2014 groups
  • Incredibly addictive gameplay due to the running speed of your football player that will transform your frustration into determination to get a better score
  • Integrated Google Play services allows you to see how your score compares with other players globally or within your circle of friends
  • Custom soundtrack and sounds make you keep your World Cup football playing mood while you dodge the attacks of your opponents

Football Run can be played with every occasion but it’s best suited for soccer fans that have spare time during the half-times or before an important game. This can be used as a technique to relieve some of the tension before watching an important game in the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

Quick Review

Choose a team and put on your favorite jersey colors. In the game, you will assume the player dribbling the ball at the bottom of the screen.  There are three lanes for your player to run, and you guide him by tapping left or right. The game ends when you collide with a player from the other team. If you are fast enough, your player can sidestep to avoid him.

You will definitely be needing super fast reflexes since the pace of the game in Football Run is very fast. Should it be game over for you, you can submit your score to Google Play so you can compare scores with your friends. The sounds from the game are reminiscent of a rowdy football match and the music sounds infectious enough to make us want to keep on playing.

After all is said and done, Football Run serves as a good little gaming distraction. The game’s speed may however be very punishing for some gamers and frankly there just isn’t much depth to gameplay now. We rate this game a 6.5 out of 10.


The Verdict


The Good: Good endless runner for a quick distraction | Share and submit your score | Nice little companion to satiate your craving for World Cup fun | Cute retro style graphics | Cool music and sound

The Bad: May be too fast for some | Not enough depth to the game

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