JoJo’s Fashion Show – 3 Set Collection

JoJo’s Fashion Show – 3 Set Collection

All the glitz and glamor in Jojo's Fashion Show
Developer / Distributor: Gamelab /
Release Dates: 12 Dec 2007 / 1 Aug 2008 / 14 Oct 2010

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Rating: ESRB – Everyone

The first game starts off well

There it was… that innocent looking box sitting on the shelf. It seemed to be beckoning to us – please pick me up to install and play. We wander over, take one quick glance at the cover and were utterly intrigued by what Jojo’s Fashion Show 3-set collection had to offer.

Thought that we’d never review such a game, did you? Well, we would gladly review any type of game on Daily PC Game Reviews, the premier website for the discerning gamer. You could say we have the gift of the gab and are ourselves gamers with an eclectic taste.

Jojo and Rosalind are back

Aren’t we witnessing (in today’s world) a growth in fashion shows all around the globe? Let’s take a poll shall we – how many guys and gals out there are following Heidi Klum on Project Runway? We’d love to hear your comments on that show. We firmly believe we aren’t the only ones who just raised our hands.

In fact, you can’t help but be fashion conscious nowadays, that’s because fashion is engrained in almost every aspect of our lives. There are many people who are all looking to buy the latest designer fashion, or to splash their hard earned cash on expensive haute couture from top designers like Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani, and Valentino. And, don’t we just love all that bling?

All the world’s fashion

If you are reading this article outside, look around you on the street, see if you can’t identify a foxy fashionishta or maverick metrosexual walking past you on the street.

Jojo’s Fashion Show (JFS) 1, 2, and 3 are excellent niche games that belongs in your gaming collection, thanks to the unique game play and artistic approach taken by the developers. Oozing with distinctive quality and great fun, it’s about time you try your hand at managing models catwalking down the runway yourselves.

And to get into the spirit of things, here are two famous fashion themed lyrical snippets: “I’m a model and you know what I mean, and I shake my little tush on the catwalk.” – that’s I’m too sexy from Right Said Fred, and “Work, turn to the left. Work, now turn to the right. Work, sashay Shanté!” – that’s Supermodel (You Better Work) from RuPaul.

Have a jolly great time running your own fashion show! We know we did.

JFS 1: The Modest style card

Game Play
Each game comes with it’s own interesting little story centred around a few main characters, and these stories will advance for every level that you play. The main game play is similar for all three games, so let’s cover the important concepts first.

Once you begin a level, you will see three models standing before you. Appearing above their heads will be a style that you must dress them in. Assuming you are unfamiliar with a style, you can simply click on the words to open up a card with lots of words. The style card contains tags that describe the type of clothes and shoes that fits the style category. Your objective is to provide your models with the required items that meet as many tags of the style as possible.

JFS 2: These models are ready

At the bottom of the screen will be a clothes rack with a row of hangers; hanging on them will be an array of designer clothes and shoes. You must pick out a top, a bottom, and a pair of shoes for each of the models. You only need hand over an item to a particular model who needs it; the model will don these clothes instantly. Once a model is wearing the three required pieces, you then click on a button to send them on their way out onto the runway.

Each level will usually have one to three styles that you must manage. Later levels will require you to juggle even more styles, so you had best be ready. Some of the styles you deal with include the following:

  • JFS 1: 70’s Glamour, Futuristic, Valley Girl, and Dr. Zhivago
  • JFS 2: Bollywood, Foxhunt, Bridal, Military, and Boho Chic
  • JFS 3: Gothic Loli, Kimono Krazy, and Amsterdam Street
JFS 3: Lots of levels

There is a timer that puts pressure on you in coming up with fresh innovative designs. The next model to take the runway will be highlighted with sparkles, so don’t dally. Otherwise the model will go out onto the runway in nothing but their undergarments.

If you have already sent out a model in Futuristic wear, then you will earn a multiplier if you can send out more models wearing the same style. This is known as setting up a Style Chain. Located near the timer will be the styles that are needed next in line to appear on the runway. This listing of styles will help you plan how you will get your Style Chains.

JFS 1: Signature outfits

Models who go out on the runway will usually net you special power-ups. The power-ups include shuffling the clothes and shoes on the rack, automatically getting an outfit that suits a particular style, showing you the points each item will give you for a particular style, tagging a model with the supermodel ability that nets you twice the score, and much more. You can only have a limited number of power-ups; if the slots are full, then you will not be able to claim a new power-up.

Another chain you can build are Model Chains. If you can keep sending models out on the runway without having to using the shuffle power-up, then this would be considered chaining models. The more you chain them, the bigger the points.

JFS 2 – The new photo shoot

You may notice a panel in the background to the left of the models during game play – these hold designs of signature outfits. Click on the panel to see these signature outfits up close. If you ever chance upon the clothes and shoes on the rack, grab them and place them on the appropriate model. After the model completes strutting on the runway, you will be awarded with the signature outfit. You can then return to the main menu and access Dress Up mode to view these prized designs.

Whenever you score big, you also get the chance to place accessories on your models. There are jewels, spectacles, flowers, and other bling that can help to add more points to your final score. You can give more than one accessory to a model as long as they can be placed in different areas of their bodies.

JFS 3 – A sandbox for designing the
latest trendy fashions

Las Cruces 
The second game in the franchise is different in several ways:

First, you will encounter levels where you must manage male models on the runway.

Next, you will have to run a photo shoot. A list of style appears at the top during the photo shoot. The objective is to scroll left or right to find the model that best fits the style requirements. Once you are happy, you enclose the model in the dashed line (the camera’s field of view) and then click the mouse to take a photo.

Third on the list is the ability to send out more than one model onto the runway; this is another great way to nab bonus points.

JFS 3 – The expanded runway

Finally, you will encounter challenges such as the Style Section where you get bonus points for sending out models who match a certain style, or the Show Climax where you get twice the amount of points for the last few models taking to the runway.

World Tour

The art direction has improved in the third iteration of Jojo’s Fashion Show; JFS 2 looked too much like JFS 1 that we had at first thought it was just an extension of the first game; JFS 3 on the other hand seems to look less cartoon-like. It seems the art direction has matured third time around.

JFS 2 – Dress Up mode

You won’t find a Dress Up mode in the main menu for JFS 3. Instead, you will find a Design Clothes button while you are viewing the game’s back story.

When you enter this mode, you can select a style and then have a hand at designing your very own Signature Outfit. This is a nice sandbox option that let’s you go wild with designing your very own top, bottom, and shoes. You also get to pick the colours and patterns for these outfits. You will find your own designed signature outfits in a green box labelled Closet while playing.

A major improvement in JFS 3 is the look of the runway. Instead of being crammed to the top of the display in the earlier games, you now get a full screen picture of the model on the runway. The audience will be going wild and busily snapping away with their cameras. The atmosphere is really exciting with this new feature.

JFS 1 – Interesting story

The graphics are genuinely stunning in the first two games, while JFS 3 sports a different look that feels minimalistic and avant garde at the same time.

The models all look great (be it female or male) and the clothes are absolutely fabulous to look at. A lot of research has gone into the styles and it shows. For example, the Gothic Loli and Tokyo Street styles are real-life fashion designs originating from Japan.

The game’s interface is clean and easy to appreciate and use. The help section also looks very well done.

JFS 3:Slick

The music in all versions of Jojo’s Fashion Show are incredibly trendy and uplifting. It usually features a mish-mash of music styles fused together to give you a really cool and unique experience.

And, we just love the featured musical themes that it reminds us (in a way) of Kylie Minogue singing – Can’t get you out of my head!

A breakaway niche game that features an excellent and refreshing change of style and pace. 

  • Jojo’s Fashion Show oozes artistic flair – from the characters, to the models, to the clothes, to the bling-bling, to the runway, and finally to the user interface.
  • The game can be described as kind of like a puzzle game that has you matching clothes to styles while under pressure from a ticking clock.
  • You get a total of at least 210 levels if you get your hands on all 3 games. That’s many many hours of excellent game play.
  • There is a huge number of tops, bottoms, and shoes available in the game for you to look at.
  • The power-up abilities are a great mix that helps make life just a bit easier for you.
  • The stories featured in all 3 games are great fun to follow.
  • The Dress Up and Clothes Designer modes are great sandboxes for people who thrill to having the opportunity to mix and match different fashion styles.
  • There’s no blood, no physical violence, and absolutely no senseless slaughterfest here.
  • A great game for everyone… boys (and men) included.
JFS 2: Onwards to level 17

Jojo’s Fashion Show has several minor issues that you should take note of.

  • You often have to guess which items fare better for a particular style (unless you have on hand the Style Eye power-up); and looking at the tags alone don’t always help.
  • Feels slightly repetitive after reaching mid-way through each game.
  • The game’s randomness may make it very difficult (but not impossible) to complete the end game levels.
  • Unlocking signature outfits is not practical during game play. It’s best to grab them separately, this means you will likely be replaying a lot of the levels.
  • It is difficult to take off accessories because clothes tend to overlay them.
  • These games are not for the prudish… there are styles called racy, provocative, and swimwear. Look at the games with an open eye, and you will then truly enjoy the sensuousness that the styles are trying to portray.
  • Some of the random combinations of clothes are ridiculously outrageous and borders on being unrealistic.
JFS 1: What fashion show games
will the future bring?

If you love only blood, violence, and senseless slaughterfests, please exit stage right now; Jojo’s Fashion Show is definitely not the game for you. However, if you love the idea of running your very own modelling gig, then prepare yourself for the best game around.

The fashion show puzzle genre may be quite bare at the moment, but hopefully we will see new games that will introduce even more exciting concepts to this niche area.

As we pen our last paragraph for this 3-set collection mega-review, we can’t help but leave you with a final song – here’s James Blunt with You’re Beautiful!

Individual Scores:

  • Jojo’s Fashion Show – 8 / 10
  • Jojo’s Fashion Show 2 – 7.5 / 10
  • Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour – 8.5 / 10

The Verdict


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