Knightmare Tower

Knightmare Tower

Slash your way up Knightmare Tower!
Publisher: Juicy Beast Studio
Release Date: 17 Jun 2014

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Developer Juicy Beast sure has something delicious to boast about on Steam this summer – Knightmare Tower. This indie game studio from Canada is composed of only 4 developers, but their game ideas are a real crowd puller. In fact you might have played some of their Flash games on Kongregate before: Burrito Bison, Burrito Bison Revenge, Bloom Defender, and Feed the King.

Although Knightmare Tower was released previously as a Flash game on Kongregate, this new version (revamped using the Unity engine) boasts crisper graphics and brand new animations. And more importantly, they have kept the fun and frantic core gameplay intact during the transition. So, sit back and get sucked into an deceptively simple game that is so addictive that you won’t want to put it down, not until you reach the top of the Knightmare Tower and defeat the naughty boss.

What You Get

The story of Knightmare Tower appears to be nothing but a retelling of the fairy tale featuring damsels in distress. In this case, there are 10 damsels (or princesses if you prefer) who have been kidnapped and imprisoned high up in a tower filled with nasty looking monsters. You step into the story as the brave and heroic knight, ready and ever determined to rescue them. And since knights cannot fly, your next best bet is to ride a rocket all the way up to the top of the tower to take down the cowardly boss. Now if you use your brains and attack the monsters guarding the way, you can trust on a fantasy version of Newtonian physics to catapult yourself up the nightmarish tower.

Knightmare Tower features a long flight upwards in Story mode to near obscene heights. At first you start off with poor armour, weapons, no magic potions, and a very slow speed, but as you kill monsters by pressing the down arrow key when directly above them, you net yourself some gold and a little speed to boost yourself ever upwards. If you do miss a monster below you, you will loose some speed before you return back into the game riding on your rocket.

Knightmare Tower 2014-06-28 16-55-34-45

Slash to fly faster upwards

It is unlikely you will traverse the entire tower in your first game, instead you will find yourself defeated and back on the ground but at least you will have some gold in hand to spend at the shop. The shop obviously boasts new armor and weapons, but you will also get to purchase new boots for a faster attack speed, upgrades for your rocket to launch you even further and faster, and magical potions that add even more variety to gameplay.

There are also 40 quests you can fulfil in Knightmare Tower that will give you gold coins to fill your coffer and help bestow upon you thatsense of achievement. Alas, only a maximum of 3 quests will be exposed to gameplay every time you play, and they include zany one-liners like “Cover a distance of 1,000 metres without falling down the tower!”,  “Perform a total of 2 perfect launches!”, and “Split apart a total of 75 monsters!”.

Knightmare Tower 2014-06-28 16-56-04-45

Completed a quest!


Knightmare Tower has quite a lot going for it: it is an easy-to-pick-up game that can be very addictive; the game sports creative monster artwork; and the thrill of slashing monsters to propel yourself ever upwards, is a sure winner. Don’t be surprised to find yourself hooked and wanting to play just “one more” round. Furthermore, the heroic music composed by HyperDuck Soundworks (who also composed the soundtrack in Dust: The Elysian Tale) easily adds to that addiction and makes us want to play even more.

Everything in the game – from requiring a precise launch for the best starting speed, to breaking through ceilings to rescue the 10 princesses, to battling three unique mini-bosses, to shopping for cool upgrades, to fulfilling the many quests, to quaffing mysterious potions, and to that epic final boss battle – they all make for a great action experience. And when you’re done with the single player mode, you also get to unlock the Survival mode for a never-ending flight up the Knightmare Tower.

Knightmare Tower 2014-06-29 16-58-01-07

Where did all that lava come from?

Of course, there’s a couple of not so positive things you need to know: if you are a good player, the single player mode can be completed in about 3 to 4 hours. The end boss fight is an insanely epic confrontation, and you will likely have to max out all your hero attributes by purchasing every upgrade, accessory, and potion from the shop. Plus, you may find that some of the quests (out of the 70 available) can be quite irksome, for example the one requiring you to “Perform a total of 5 perfect launches!”, and perhaps that is why we should be fortunate you can pay gold to bypass them. The ending also left us a little baffled, but we never really expected much from the lame tacked on story.


It is the continuous cycle of exciting gameplay, killing more than 50 different monsters for gold, completing quests for even more gold, and shopping for upgrades and powerups – these will all add up and tempt you to travel even higher into the tower and keep you coming back for more. Knightmare Tower has been a winner on Kongregate, and we feel that the transition to Steam has only made the game much more worth playing.

Press Release

The press release for Knightmare Tower can be found over here.


The Verdict


The Good: Easy to pick up action game | Surprisingly addictive | Creative monster artwork | Mini-bosses and an epic boss add much needed variety | Lots of interesting upgrades to buy | Many challenging quests | Survival mode for endless play

The Bad: Campaign can be finished in about 3 – 4 hours | Insanely difficult boss fight | Only one boss | Some irksome quests, but luckily they can be skipped | Lame story slapped on

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