Robo Corp

Robo Corp

Slide your way to fun!
Developer / Publisher: CKS Games
Release Date: 20 Aug 2013

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Robo Corp from CKS Games is an ad-supported match three puzzle game that is sure to tease you with its many interesting levels. It installed smoothly on our Android device and although the game clocks in at 25MB, every byte is justified.

What you get

The game’s plot casts you as the Commander of a colonization mission sent to the Orion Nebula in search of mineral resources. The planets there are however littered all over with highly toxic and radioactive crystals. Luckily, the robots deployed on the mission are equipped with chromatic resonators. These resonating thingamajigs will trigger an explosion when three or more crystals and robots of the same color are grouped together. What a blatant waste of technology getting the robots blown to smithereens, but at least the crystals get cleared out of the way!

Seems like game is as simple as ABC… well, not exactly.

Welcome to the future!

Robo Corp will have you scratching your head as you attempt matches so you can quickly clear a playing board of all crystal. The robots under your control are arrayed on four sides of a 7 x 7 square field. To play the game, all you have to do is tap on any robot and he will start walking forwards into field. The robot will only stop when he hits an obstacle (like crystals) or the opposite edge of the field. At the same time, a random colored robot spawns on the vacated spot.

You will meet with four different colors of robots and crystals at the start of the game, but as you complete levels and worlds, you get exposed to slight variations of the main gameplay rules. For example heavy crystals and rocky terrain will be sure to leave you fuming when you realize you need to perform more moves because of your carelessness. Our favorite was the fourth world where you had to move markers across the board to their target squares while doing matches along the way.

The game is equipped with 35 levels for each world (with the first 10 already unlocked) and also boasts leaderboards so you can claim boasting rights for being the best Robo Corp operator around.

Slide your way to victory


Robo Corp looks rather well animated; we especially liked the cute animation of the little robots, however the backgrounds could have benefited from a little more splash of colors. In addition, we felt the music and sound effects went well with the rest of the game. As for the mechanics, the idea of marching the robot out onto a field definitely lends a new touch to the sub-genre of sliding match three games. We did encounter a problem during game play, but expect the problem to be resolved soon by the developer. [Editor: Already solved; see comments below.]

In the end, besides the pros we mentioned earlier, it is also the amount of quality levels and interesting gameplay variations that make Robo Corp a worthy addition to your collection of games.


The Verdict


The Good: Fun sliding match three game | Many levels to play | Four worlds with interesting gameplay variations | Cute animated robots | Leaderboards

The Bad: Level backgrounds could have been more colorful

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  1. KS Chong August 21, 2013 12:25 am 

    Great review on Robo Corp and thanks for reporting the bug to me and for identifying areas of improvement. The future versions of Robo Corp will be better!

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