Transport Giant: Gold Edition

Transport Giant: Gold Edition

Planes, trains, and automobiles... Oh my!

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Transport Giant Gold
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Transport Giant: Gold Edition from Jowood Entertainment has in my honest opinion grown on me over the past few years that I find myself returning to it time and again just to try something new in the game.

Being such a niche game, you will either love it or hate it. In fact, I can only think of a few commercial games that are similar to Transport Giant – they would include Chris Sawyer’s Transport Tycoon and Locomotion, and another similar release from Jowood Entertainment – Industry Giant.

One of the biggest factor that detracts from Transport Giant is that there is no in-built tutorial, you will have to rely on the game manual that comes along on the DVD, or your experience in tinkering with Simcity-like games. However, once you get over the steep learning curve, you will wholeheartedly dive into it to improve the design of your very own transportation company.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles… Oh my!

Transport Giant: Gold Edition comes with the main game as well as the little known add-on, Transport Giant: Down Under. There are a total of three campaigns – 7 missions based in USA (the easy campaign), 7 missions based in Europe (the hard campaign), and 12 missions from the add-on based in Australia. If you think the missions are not sufficient, be glad to know that in endless gameplay mode, you have an additional choice of 11 USA maps, 10 Europe maps, and 20 Australian maps to choose from.

I am an up and coming “train baron”

The main concept in the game is accomplished in a few easy steps:

  • First you build vehicle depots around cities or industries making sure they are in the “catchment area” of the depot,
  • Next, you purchase vehicles that can then be assigned to the depots,
  • Then you assign vehicles to ply selected depots and decide what cargo they should carry,
  • Sit back while the vehicles make money for you.
  • You can use the money to build your own industries, or to build new depots/vehicles.
  • Rinse and repeat!
What, earn 80 million buckaroos?

The main game provides a whole gamut of vehicles to play with (about 130 of them) – there are bullock carts, horse trains, trucks, buses, locomotives, ferries, freight ships, airplanes, a blimp, and more. And to my astonishment, there are at least 500 types of buildings, which is listed as a feature for the main game. Feast your eyes on some of the awesome graphics available for vehicles and buildings.

Here I am making a profit hauling wood to the sawmill

The game editor is available on the Transport Giant website. With it, you can continue to play many more endless games on maps limited only by your own imagination – anybody want my Transport Giant map of Singapore?

You can even edit the missions from the campaigns if you so desire. And if you don’t wish to create your own maps, you will also five additional maps available on their website.

Edit your own maps and missions

It may seem like a chore to some in playing a game where the only objective is to try to set up a transportation network to make money and meet game objectives. But when your company starts to grow and you start to feel some kind of kinship to your hardworking “people” driving all those vehicles, you would know that Transport Giant has achieved its lofty ambition – a devoted player to a great game.

Look at them shiny locomotives!

Transport Giant: Gold Edition is a great business simulation that relies on your acumen, creativity, as well as perseverance. In return for your dedication, you get a whole load of fun to play. So, if you like the concept of playing in this niche area and it either strikes your fancy or is up your alley (pun intended), don’t hesitate to get yourself a copy today.

[Editor: Here’s a surprise… for those who love tycoon games, follow this link for another review favorite that was published in Mar 2012.]

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