Willie’s Web

Willie’s Web

A truly spidertastic game!
Publisher: Wasted Games
Release Date: 21 June 2014


android“Will you walk into my parlor, said the spider to the fly?” So goes the nursery rhyme…

Well, this is exactly what Willie’s Web is all about in this fun survival action game from Wasted Games. Featuring a pretty little spider complete with 8 scrawny legs and 4 eyes, you will have to avoid enemy spiders as you clamber all over your web to eat the helpless flies.

Take it from us – if you don’t suffer from arachnophobia (and even if you do), make sure you download this fun little game on Google Play today!

Here’s the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameswasted.williesweb

About Willie’s Web

willieswebThe protagonist in this game is Willie, a fun but always hungry spider that you guide with your finger to help him catch flies. The controls are dead-easy, you either tap and drag anywhere on the web or use simple taps to let Willie know where to go. Willie is always hungry, so feed him the green flies that get stuck in the web. But keep an eye on his evil sisters as they’ll knock Willie off the web with a single touch.

Here are the features that make Willie’s Web a fun little game:

  • Easy gameplay, just tap where you want the spider to go and he’ll quickly follow. The farther you point, the quicker he’ll move, so think big
  • Quick tutorial helps you figure out what you have to do in a few simple steps
  • Share your highest score on the leaderboard and access achievements by connecting your Google+ account
  • Custom soundtrack and action sounds add up to the fun though you can also disable those if needed
  • Infinite play mode where in the end your score is the one that counts. It’s a matter of how long Willie can stay on the web and feed.
  • Easy start, insane ending. The flies are plentiful and in the beginning there’s only a single enemy, but everytime Willie gets full and burps another dreadful sister shows up, so the game gets difficult very fast which makes it in turn addictive.

How long can you keep Willie on the web?

Our Review

What captivated us first when we fired up the game was the lovely artwork and bright colors used in Willie’s Web. The game comes with a “How To Play” graphic that explains the four important rules of the game. But, frankly the game is simple enough for kids to learn and play.

Mastering Willie’s Web is however going to be quite a challenge. The game truly starts off easy: you just need to tap and guide Willie over the flies caught on the web. The further you tap away from Willie, the faster he will travel. After eating enough flies, you hear a burp sound, and another one of Willie’s sister spiders will join in the hunt. Avoid Willie’s sisters like poison, because it is game over if you hit any of them. You will never know when Willie’s sisters decide to dash, so stay alert on the web!

You can log into your Google+ account to record your score from Willie’s Web and compare it against your circle of friends or the global leaderboard. There are also six achievements waiting for you to unlock.

Our verdict: We really liked Willie’s Web – from the gameplay to the artwork to the thumping soundtrack to the leaderboard. We however, did not like the fact that the pause button in the upper right corner kept getting in our way… guess you have to watch where you click when guiding Willie around his web.

And the game is safe enough, even for arachnophobics. So, play it today!


The Verdict


The Good: Very good action survival game | Simple rules | Sweet graphics | Achievements | Leadboards | Catchy soundtrack | Cute sound effects

The Bad: Pause button interferes with gameplay | More enemy and fly variety might help prolong game longevity

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